Best Toothache Remedies

A toothache can be shattering. And the thing you want to do is stop the pain NOW. If you don’t have a dentist living in your house with all his tools, you may want to learn some quick ways that you can relieve a toothache, at least temporarily until you get around to seeing a dentist.

It’s important to talk about things that you shouldn’t do first, because some of the old wives tales that come along with toothache remedies can not only leave you with worse pain, but also cause permanent damage:

  1. Don’t put aspirin directly in the cavity. Some people say this works, others say it doesn’t, but one thing is common to all who use this remedy; the aspirin continues to burn at your tooth enamel, and while you may get some temporary toothache pain relief, you eventually one day are going to be in greater pain once the cavity, aided by the use of aspirin, spreads all the way to the root of your tooth.
  2. Don’t put a grain of salt in it. The “logic” behind this is that it dehydrates the bacteria and will cause them to die and leave you in peace. True, the bacteria will die, but if that grain of salt has any kind of direct contact with an exposed nerve for any reason, you will be in agony. Raw, open nerves and salt don’t mix well together. You’re better off swishing a concentrated salt solution if you must use salt.

So what are some of the best toothache remedies that you can find close to you?

  1. A clove of garlic is good. Garlic is a natural anti-biotic. It attacks bacteria and has been known in many instances to work on bacterial infections all on its own without the use of prescribed antibiotics. Crush the garlic, and place it in the cavity. It will sting for a few seconds going in, but it settles the pain before long. If you want it to work even better, prepare a strong salt solution and swish the area to get rid of any debris that may be lying around, and then place the clove there. The pain will go, and you may not even need to see a dentist
  2. An onion will work in the same way – it will kill bacteria and leave you free of pain. Treat it the same way you would the garlic – pound and pack the cavity. If you’re not in too much pain to chew, chew it and take around your mouth, letting it linger around where you have the pain.
  3. Wheatgrass is also excellent. If you can chew it, go ahead and chew it. If you can’t, find a way to crush it and pack it around the painful area. It acts as a strong, natural mouthwash, and it draws out bacteria from both the gum surface and the teeth.
  4. Clove oil has strong antiseptic properties. If you can get hold of some, pour a couple of drops directly into the cavity. If you can’t, crush a clove and pack it against the cavity or get the juice in there.
  5. Activated charcoal can be bought in some pharmacies now, and is good for aching cavities. Just crush it into a paste, pack it into gauze and hold it against the painful cavity. It should take away the pain.

The long term solution for cavities though, is to have your dentist have a look and recommend a permanent course of action – remember that sometimes even filling cavities may not be a permanent solution. Taking regular extra-good care of your teeth if you have cavities is one way to make sure that you get toothaches less frequently. Otherwise, keep all the above handy; you never know when you’ll need them.


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